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Worst Student Ever

Through the eyes of Randell Adjei, we understand the gravity of the issues facing Scarborough youth today. Amidst gun violence, poverty, and stigmatization, we see resilience through community, art, and a passion for change. This resilience is highlighted through R.I.S.E., a spoken word event that has been quietly operating in Malvern for the last 6 years and changing lives, including that of the director, Danica Ricamara.

Directed by Danica 'Dizzy' Ricamara & Mike Regis

Co-presenter: Scarborough Arts
Community Partner:
RISE Edutainment


11_Danica Dizzy Ricamara_WorstStudentEver.jpg

Danica ‘Dizzy’ Ricamara is a filmmaker and creative director. Facing challenges growing up in priority neighborhoods she recognized the importance of uplifting missing voices and highlighting the issues of her community. In 2018, at 24 years old, she exceled at POV 3RD STREET, a 6-month media training program, and directed her first short-documentary.

Later Event: June 7
One Leg In, One Leg Out